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Rite Aid’s Wellness Loyalty card is ticket to savings

This week in my series about drugstores: Rite Aid.

Rite Aid has a sophisticated coupon policy and multiple money-saving features. (By the way, if you are new to couponing, I suggest you focus on one drugstore; move on once you’re saving at least 60 percent on items your family typically buys.)

Sign up for the Rite Aid Wellness loyalty card either in the store or on This program lets shoppers earn points on items they purchase and when they fill a prescription. The points accumulate and can result in extra savings up to 10 percent on all non-sales items.

Registered users of the Rite Aid website also have access to the Video Values program. Shoppers can earn extra coupons by watching short videos spotlighting products.

The weekly Rite Aid circular features weekly sales items as well as Rite Aid coupons. These coupons can be stacked with manufacturers’ coupons.

In the +UP Rewards Program, shoppers can earn +UP Rewards and then use the rewards like currency. The +UP Rewards don’t last forever, so make note of the expiration. +UP Rewards can also be loaded onto your Rite Aid Wellness card.

Unlike other stores, Rite Aid only lets you use one coupon when purchasing buy-one-get-one items.