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Great websites for new and expecting parents

Having a new baby and suffering from info overload? Here are the Deal Diva’s Top 10 baby websites. : Get advice from a pediatrician right away. Sign up for a one-time question or purchase a monthly subscription to get every question answered, no matter how silly. Plenty of useful parenting advice mixed with lighthearted items (think keeping up with the Kardashians). : Tips, support for breastfeeding moms. Local mom bloggers – including, of course, The Deal Diva -- along with things to do, local mom profiles and giveaways. The go-to place when hunting for a baby name. Creative and fun ways to get organized and make life with baby a bit easier. Buy or sell gently used baby items. The humorous side of parenting, setting realistic expectations. Top baby deals from all your local grocery and drug stores. Guide on all sorts of baby equipment.