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The Deal Diva’s Top Tips for Back-to-School Savings

Oh boy! It’s time to start stocking up to fill your child’s desk, locker and book bag - and time to start saving. Savvy shoppers can Here are the Deal Diva’s Top Tips for making the most of this special shopping season.

1. Plan it out. Know what you will need. Visit the website for your school and some stores will carry local lists from area schools.

2. Try to get it done before school starts. While some schools will provide lists of needed supplies during the first week of school at least go ahead and get the typical essentials such as pens, pencils, note cards and notebook paper

3. Buy extra when prices are at their lowest. The need for school supplies last 9 months. Be sure to buy extra – you will need replacements later in the year! They are at their LOWEST price NOW!!

4. Quality matters. This is especially true when it comes to 2 pocket folders. The paper folders are super cheap but last about a week after being stuffed into desks and lockers. Pay more for the plastic one and buy extra to replace them in a few months. This principle applies to backpacks too.

5. Take advantage of price matching. Many stores will match advertised discounts from other shops.

Staples: will offer a 110% price guarantee. That means they will match and give an additional discount for any item in a current local sales flyer. The item must be exactly the same.

Target: Target will match actual hard copy ads AND online prices. You will need the actual ad in your hand for everything except:,,,,, . Visit Guest Services BEFORE you check out! And don’t forget to use Cartwheel for extra discounts.

Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart matches prices too and all you need to do is show the price on your phone or in an actual weekly ad at the register to qualify. Be sure item is exact including size (150 count Notebook paper vs. 200 count notebook paper.

6. Donate

Many children start school with very little consider dropping off extra supplies at your local school.

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Tara McAlister is known as “The Deal Diva.” She shares shopping tips, coupon deals, and the best bargains at Charlotte area grocery stores each week. Want more great deals & savings tips? Follow the Deal Diva on Facebook - or on Twitter - @DealDivaCLT.