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Toilet bowl light is a colorful move

Today, a look at three fun gadgets – including one that I know will be ordered from our house if my wife reads this column:

A home product expert suggested that GlowBowl might appeal to older homeowners, since the gizmo transforms your toilet into a bowl-sized night light. You know, because seniors have to get up and go at all hours. Or maybe it would appeal to kids just learning to use the toilet on their own.

With a choice of seven colors, there’s a hue for every age.

GlowBowl is activated by a motion sensor, and it’s dimmable. You can even set it to cycle through all seven colors: blue, yellow, purple, white, aqua, red and green.

GlowBowl attaches easily to any toilet bowl. It’s powered by three AAA batteries that fit into a water-resistant canister. The battery pack might not be waterproof, the company says – but it’s washable and splash proof.

Will it appeal to seniors?

Well, I’m betting it will appeal to anyone of any age who has (a) a really great sense of humor and (b) $19.99. Check it out at


I know what you’re thinking but, no, GlowBowl is not the product that my wife, Linda, is likely to order. Her favorite, I guarantee, will be Scoopy. And yours truly will be expected to use it after every shower.

Scoopy is a window and shower glass squeegee – that catches and holds the liquid in the hollow handle.

Instead of pulling the squeegee from top to bottom, you push it from bottom to top. You scoop water or cleaning solution off the glass surface as you go. You pour the liquid into the sink – or, if it’s plain water, use it on your potted plants if you want – instead of letting it pool up at the bottom of the glass.

The video at makes Scoopy look easy to use, and lots less messy than a conventional squeegee.

It’s $24.95, plus tax and shipping, and comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth for removing any streaks.

Super Grip Lock

Super Grip Lock is one of those inventions that looks so simple – and looks like it would work so well – that you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t come up with it.

It’s a strap that fits securely around the deadbolt latch, then wraps around the door handle so tightly that an intruder can’t turn the deadbolt to get in. It’s designed to protect you from any intruders, including those who use “bump” keys to pick deadbolt locks.

It’s ideal for renters, who don’t want to pay to have locks changed, or for travelers during motel stays.

Super Grip Lock sells for $10 plus shipping and handling. To learn more or order, visit

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