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How to create an activity area that kids and teens will like

A basement area for the whole family with a lounge and activity area.
A basement area for the whole family with a lounge and activity area. TNS

Creating an environment for your teenagers will go a long way toward keeping them happy and entertained when they’re spending time indoors.

Where do you start? First and foremost, consider dividing the space that’s available into activity zones.

Begin by creating an area for playing video games and watching movies. Then, create a separate zone for board games. Finally, designate a flexible activity zone. This multipurpose area could be used for anything from train sets to dramatic play and puppetry to arcade-style games or even a pool table.

Creating different zones makes it easier to map out a floor plan that will best utilize your space. Dividing the space creates a setting where multiple people can enjoy and stay for extended periods of time.

Color is important

A mix of warm, cozy colors such as brown and deep orange with bright and cheery hues such as mustard yellow or a crisp green should work well. Dark colors will go a long way as far as concealing spills and stains, while brighter colors serve as a contrast for making a space feel friendly and inviting. Be sure to use neutral colors as your base palette. This way you can transform or renew the same space by swapping in different colors as your children grow up.

Added touches

Lastly, playrooms don’t have to be expensive. Invest in games, sturdy furniture and a quality television monitor. Some of your other pieces can be less expensive. Repaint, refurbish or repurpose pieces from another area of your home for the best value.