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App-etite: Create a digital floor plan with RoomScan

Create floor plans with RoomScan.
Create floor plans with RoomScan.

Use RoomScan to digitally create a floor plan with little effort using a iPhone. And the app’s floor plans are surprisingly accurate.

For sellers, that means you can easily create handouts for open houses. For buyers, it’s a fun and convenient way to measure whether your furniture will fit while you wait during a home inspection.

Just tap the phone once against each wall of a room, and the app will draw an outline of the room’s shape – and include measurements of the length of walls as well as the room’s total square footage.

The basic version costs $0.99 on iOS; for $4.99 you can purchase the Pro version for more advanced features.

Summer means plenty of hikes, nature walks and visits to the arboretum. It also, perhaps, means you'll be hearing incessantly those three little words from your children: “What is that?” Happily, there’s an app to help.

The LikeThat Garden app lets you hold your smartphone camera up to a flower or plant so that it can tell you immediately what it is, and even how to care for it. The app needs the Internet to work, but you can save pictures to your phone and analyze them later when you have cellphone service.

The app works most effectively when your photo is taken up close and in full light, so you’re best off using it during the day. Still, it’s great for those of us who can’t tell a petunia from a tuberose but want to sound as if we do. Free, for iOS and Android devices.