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Pros and cons of a second-floor laundry room


Q: We just moved into a new home with a large second floor master bathroom. Presently, the laundry area is in the basement and I would like to move the washer and dryer into the master bathroom. What are some of the installation details we should consider before we jump into this project and call our contractor?

A: A big reason many homes have the laundry area in the basement is the easier access to open water lines and drains. Unless built into a new home, installing a laundry area in a finished upstairs room can be tricky. Even if it is the master bathroom.

Wall and floor areas may have to be opened up, and the required building permits taken out. All local plumbing codes need to be followed and probably will include the installation of a water-containing drain pan system under the washing machine.

Also, keep in mind the extra noise and traffic issues that come along with a laundry area.

But, on a good note, no more trips to the basement with a full basket of clothes. Finally, an enclosure with louvered doors installed around the washer and dryer can add a clean look to your new upstairs laundry area.