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Gadgets: SoundScene 20w portable speaker sounds, looks amazing

I get my hands and ears on an endless number of portable sound systems. Some look better than they sound and others sound better than they look.

With the SoundScene 20w portable speaker from Bayan Audio, I’m at a loss to decide which it is since it looks great and sounds flat out amazing.

The crystal-clear sounding portable Bluetooth speakers have lots of bass and an IPX5 weatherproof design with silicone rubber caps. The multi-use speaker makes a great addition to any backyard or living room – or use it in both simultaneously.

They are powered by an internal USB rechargeable battery for up to eight hours or sound or with the included AC adapter. You can control the volume on each speaker individually.

The speakers can easily be built into a system without needing any hardware. Inside is a radio frequency that links up to eight speakers with the press of a button.

This gives you a great choice for positing the speakers, which can be as far as 100 feet from the main transmitting speaker. I didn’t have them that far apart but no matter where they were, inside or outside, the sound was great.

There’s also a 3.5 mm auxiliary port for a direct connection.

http://www.bayanaudiousa.com $199 per speaker

Brave indoor-outdoor speaker

Brave BRV-PRO is another great and powerful-sounding portable speaker that is built for indoor and outdoor use.

This one has an IPX7 waterproof rating for a little more protection from water, dust, dirt and bumps. Its rugged design allows it to withstand accidental drops.

An internal microphone lets you use it (1.5 by 2.8 by 6.4 inches) as a desktop speakerphone.

Inside is a 2800mAh battery for up to 15 hours of portable power, which doubles as a portable battery to charge a smartphone, tablet, etc.

Other features include an LED pad, which can be used as a mini lantern and there’s a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. Other accessories such as a solar charging panel can be purchased separately.

www.Braven.com $149.99

Pelican flashlight/beacon

Pelican is never short on innovative products, so it was no surprise when I got my hands on the Pelican 3310 ELS light.

As described by the company, this is a self-contained glowing beacon and flashlight. What makes it unique is how it glows in the dark with its built-in photoluminescent technology. This technology lets you easily find it when needed.

Three AA batteries are included to keep it shining for up to 190 hours. It’s built with an IPX7 waterproof rating, which will help you in a downpour or dropping it in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Inside the flashlight is a bulb with 234 lumens of light output – it shines brightly.

www.Pelican.com $48.95

Ventev Global Charginghub

The Ventev Global Charginghub 300 is advertised to work in more than 150 countries, so the odds are it will work where you are or wherever you are going.

It’s designed with four different AC prong configurations to keep you connected around the globe, but what makes it a must-have for traveling is the pair of USB ports.

The design allows it to go in most any AC wall outlet around the world and then charge your portable electronic gadgets with your own USB cables.

www.Tessco.com $34.99