Home & Garden

Old World solidity with piazza ambience

Boundaries between indoor and outdoor living vanish as doors are thrown open wide, allowing sunshine to fill this inviting space. Comfy furniture groupings encourage conversation. Matched area rugs visually define different spaces and are soft and warm on bare feet.

A casual blend of dark and light, of patterns and textures, creates visual intrigue and a link to both forest and cityscape views. Soft, deep shag carpet forms a counterpoint to the smooth creak of leather. Steel rafters shine against dark-stained wood and echo the sleek, industrial lines of a central hood fan. And just when you think this great room is all about earth tones, toss cushions in lime green flaunt a sassy fringe of burgundy.

Rich, luxurious, and with a distinctly Old World solidity, this room is one to share with friends. Potted plants and palms enhance the Mediterranean piazza ambience and give a freshness to the air. Above, dramatic timber trusses create a sense of volume reminiscent of the great cathedrals where communities gathered for life's celebrations.