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Tranquil master suite is a soothing retreat

Tranquility is the theme in this quietly understated master suite. Textures take the place of artwork – luxurious tufted bedding, soft velour sofa, burl or distressed wood furnishings that use more natural patina than carving for ornamentation. Above, soft white chandelier shades appear to float like clouds over a delicate intertwining of metal strands.

Only one painting is found on these walls. A Tuscany-style farmhouse with terraced stone walls overlooks a creek of startling blue waters. On either side, table lamps with striped shades set at an oh-so-slightly jaunty angle reflect the shape of the terra cotta rooflines.

Step to the right, pass through a double door, and you're instantly transported to a soothing oasis of airy coolness. Indirect sunshine bathes the room in a soft glow. Marble flooring wraps itself around a spacious soaker tub like an invitation to linger.