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More furniture finds shared

Last week's story about Charlotte homeowner Amy Philipp's houseful of second-hand furniture finds inspired some readers to share their favorite places to find a bargain:

From Diane in Monroe: My favorite secret place to shop for bargains is Golden Girls Antiques in Monroe. (306 West Windsor St., 704-296-5550) The owner is Betty and she can be a character, but she's also a lot of fun.

From Kay McMullen: I like South End Exchange, 1616 Camden Road. I was looking for a sterling silver cup for my granddaughter. I found a beautiful one there for $15. Needless to say, this made me very happy! South End Exchange has furniture, rugs and art plus much more. The things they get in come and go pretty quickly so there is always something new to consider.

From Laura Le Fevre: I find great buys on Craigslist as well as thrift stores, estate sales, auctions, but I take it a step further. … My husband and I repair, redo, repaint or refinish the finds and sell them. It has become a nice little business for us. (Tres Chic Furniture, 704-678-2970, treschic@earthlink.net)

Box mystery is now in the bag

Also, the mystery behind Amy Philipp's wooden “New Home” box she found at the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall has been solved.

Genevieve Robinson of Conway, S.C., read our article about Philipp's finds while visiting her niece in Charlotte and contacted us about the box's likely heritage.

Robinson says she believes it once covered a sewing machine from the New Home Sewing Machine Co. Robinson herself bought a New Home sewing machine in 1954 when she was a young mom with three kids. A cousin who restored and resold old sewing machines told her it was likely from the Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington, and was likely from the 1870s.

“The machine had a box that covered the machine so it wouldn't get dirty and dusty,” Robinson says. Hers was solid oak.

She recalls of the machine: “I used it a long time and made a lot of my children's clothes with that machine.”

She says she kept it for about 10 years and sold it for exactly what she paid for it: $30.