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— One reason (among many) why we're looking forward to cooler weather is the new Missoni Home throw. The Jocker, a wool/poly blend, is made in Italy and measures 51 inches by 75 inches. $375, Saks Fifth Avenue (saks.com). Other styles also available, too.


— L'Object candles are now available at Neiman Marcus. Featuring a beautiful blend of embossed Limoges porcelain and 14-karat gold detailing, these lidded containers offer a champagne-scented candle with a 35-hour burn time. $75 and up, Neiman Marcus (www.neimanmarcus.com).

— These are not your grandmother's sachets. Johanna DuVal's tiny silk pillows are filled with soothing lavender and embellished with carved ornaments and ribbons. $46 (on sale for $39.10) for 4-inch-by-6-inch pillow, at stylism.com.

— Claus Porto bar soaps have been coveted for the creamy richness and luxurious packaging, which was lost after you unwrapped the big bar. Now you can enjoy the convenience of a liquid in these equally beautiful plastic pump styles by the Portuguese label. The creamy and fragrant soaps are aloe-based with wheat proteins and are 100 percent biodegradable. $18 for 13.5 fluid ounces, Beauty.com.


— Seda France candles have been as prized for their wonderful scents as they have for their no-gift-wrap-necessary packaging. The iconic toile-patterned pagoda box with tassel is instantly recognizable. The Austin, Texas-based company now offers a new hexagonal box with retro patterns (also featured on the glass jar itself) in the Bon Chic line. The candles themselves are hand-poured and are 100 percent pure soy. Six fragrances are available, including sugar blossom lime, Bougainville sapote, orange flower Sumatra, pink frangipani lily, plum apricot leaf and white cashmere blossom. $28 each. Seda France now offers an 88-ounce candle (160 hours of burn time). It's available in French tulip and Japanese quince and comes in a beribboned toile box. Go to www.sedafrance.com for a complete list of where to buy, or to order.

— Laura Slatkin's Everyday Collection under her newly launched Nest collection features 12 scented candles. Some have evolved from her favorite scents in the iconic Slatkin collection; others have been specially created. The glass jars hold 8.1 ounces in fragrances ranging from floral to citrus to smoky, perfect for both sexes and all rooms of the home. Available this month, with a holiday candle to follow. $32 each, xanadus.com.


— When the August edition of the Design Within Reach catalog arrived, we tucked into it like a good book. In addition to the pages and pages of What Is Modern? goods, we love wading through the back of the book Tools for Living section. We're all about gadgets, especially when they're well designed. One of our favorites is the cedar sake bottle and cups, bentwood vessels made from ancient cedar trees with a beautiful narrow grain. Hot sake stays hot, and cold stays cold. $140 for the bottle; set of two cups, $85, at www.dwr.com.

— Designer Jakob Wagner's wine rack was inspired by coiled grapevines. Wall mounted, it suspends up to six bottles and is available in black synthetic rubber ($52) and high-luster aluminum ($94) at unicahome.com. Wagner's Wine Thermometer, which wraps ergonomically around a bottle, won a Red Dot Design Award for 2008, an international competition that annually draws thousands of entries for everything from tools to home appliances. And you can have this winner for $36 at momastore.org.


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