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Fun and funky, meet country casual

Take a peek through your windows and what do you see? Carefully planned window treatments can become part of the experience.

Fun and funky meet country casual in this retro-inspired window treatment (right). Three horizontal bands of russet, umber and pastel green echo the more complex interweaving of color in a Moroccan area rug. Above, a 1960s-style abstract pattern adds a dash of playfulness and an unexpected texture.

Rich golden yellow is tied together with accents of deep green from the palm trees found just outside (upper far right). Introducing a whimsical note is the needlepoint cross-stitch strip found on both sofa and curtain tieback.

Less is clearly more with this arrangement (lower far right). Coarse hemp tiebacks create a striking contrast to the smooth simplicity of plain, white sheers. Beyond, the natural greenery springing from a ceramic pot reminds visitors and residents of Mother Earth's ability.