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A beautifully set table makes your guests feel welcome

Nothing says “welcome to our home” like a well-set dinner table.

Above, glowing gold accents and amber wines shimmer against dark wood, creating a soft, romantic ambience. Stemware is unadorned, candleholders are contemporary minimalist with tumbled pebble bases to reflect the place mats' rough, beach texture.

Think tropical breezes and margaritas on the lanai with this understated place setting (below, left). White plates with a pineapple and palm theme rest on circular place mats. Stemware appears to be floating above the chairs' palm print seats while a pedestal support of carved wood harks back to days of beach houses with thatched rooflines and comfy rattan furniture.

Celestial bodies twinkle against a background of pale peach accented by just a touch of turquoise (below, right). Napkins held together with pearls rest casually to one side. Distressed plank wood and place mats of dark brown have the shimmer of hidden gold.