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Give vacation-home bathroom a makeover

Who says cabins have to be plain? Why not make the bathroom in your vacation home as fun as your holiday?

First, take an eclectic mixture of materials – wood timbers, natural stone, slate, metal and glass. Use the timbers for a feature wall, then add a slate shower stall with ambient lighting and floating glass door.

Next carve a chunk of stone into a support column and top with a polished stone slab and vessel-style sink. Attach a contemporary, single-lever faucet, and place a quadrangular mirror with oversized, studded metal frame above.

Finish off with some funky, twisted wire candleholders and towel racks. Oh, and be sure to match the purple candles with the purple towels. Finally, place a wicker basket filled with rattan spheres and a whimsical elongated abstract against one wall.