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Pull up a chair, enjoy your meal

This gourmet kitchen has a casual ambience and a sense of playfulness, thanks to an irregular eating bar of polished marble. Easily able to accommodate half a dozen friends or family, this generous surface appears to be part of a free-standing cabinet, and is shaped with gentle curves and deep overhangs. It is ideal for buffet-style entertaining and intimate family meals.

Rustic, country-style cabinetry in dark-stained wood conceals distinctly 21st-century fridge and freezer drawers to complement the full-sized units above. Drawers are perfect for frequently used items such as drinks or veggies. They also make foods easily accessible to the kids and their friends.

Meal prep is easy with a deep farmer's sink and conveniently located dishwasher. The tile backsplash ties the counter surface and slate floor together for a sunny, Mediterranean piazza feeling.