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Living Space: Bunk beds have grown up in style, function

Bunk beds used to be the domain of the under-7 crowd, but not anymore. Bunk beds have grown up in style and function. More than just a way to create additional floor space, bunk beds for adults can also offer privacy and even a touch of luxury.

Adaptive style

Nowadays, many bunk beds are built in. This allows greater design detail and creates a more finished, refined look. Far from being the twin beds of old, contemporary bunks can be more loft-style and use a full-size or even a queen-size, mattress. Upscale features such as brass steps, metal rails and special lighting help create a cozy, luxurious retreat for both the young and the young at heart.

Bunk beds for adults or teens offer a great way to accommodate more overnight guests, an especially helpful feature for vacation homes. Lake, mountain, or beach getaways can always use extra beds so you can truly declare, “The more, the merrier!” Depending on the size of the room, you can add four or even six beds to accommodate a crowd.

Efficient design

Bunk beds for kids are often free-standing and stick out into the room. One of the hallmarks that sets adult bunk bed design apart is to align the beds on one side of the room. This way, they blend into the decor and free up space in the room.


When considering the addition of adult bunk beds in your guest room, look carefully at the space available. A standard-size room is suitable for two bunks, while a larger room, such as an upstairs family room, is a good choice for multiple beds.

Safety is another consideration. Whether children, teens or adults will be using the beds, it’s important that safety features such as rails are included. Watch overhead space, as well. Adequate clearance to sit up reduces the chance of a bruised noggin. If you plan to buy bunk beds instead of creating built-ins, look for beds manufactured for adults, as these will be able to accommodate the extra weight of a grown person.

Now it’s time to give those bunk beds some style. Decorate each as its own individual space. Include stylish throw pillows, lighting, artwork and a throw at the foot of the bed.

A recessed shelf or wall-mounted model could hold a glass of water or a book. Add a hook to hold bathrobe and, lastly, consider privacy by adding a curtain for screening.