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Bluetooth grill monitor makes cook’s work more precise

The iGrillmini from iDevices is a slimmed-down version of the iGrill, an app-enabled Bluetooth meat thermometer. It measures an inch and a half rounded and sits in a rubber base that can be angled for easy viewing. An LED on top indicates when it’s paired with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4 and flashes a ring of different colors for different temperature ranges.

The app displays the temperature of your meat as it cooks and allows you to set alarms and custom temperatures along with a minimum and maximum temperature range required, depending on what’s cooking.

Plug one end of the thermometer probe into whatever is being cooked, the other into the iGrillmini. Then watch the temperature until the meat needs to be flipped. The probe is attached to a 4-foot fireproof cable. The device runs off a quarter-sized battery (included), which should be good for about 150 hours of cooking. $40 at http://idevicesinc.com/igrill

Gregg Ellman, twitter.com/greggellman