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Qube2 micro speaker dishes up punchy sound … at a price

The Qube 2 from Matrix Audio bills itself as “the world’s smallest Bluetooth stereo speaker.” We gave it a whirl and liked what we heard.

At less than 4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide, this is not a party speaker, but it does work well as a super-portable device for travel, filling up a small room or home workshop.

It didn’t produce a booming sound as we put it through its paces on funk, jazz and rock. It did surprisingly well for its size. The bass is wanting, but the punchy delivery helps make up for that.

This comes with a USB charging cord, but it can’t be used as a laptop speaker or other USB audio device. At $80 retail, it seems expensive. But if the price tag doesn’t faze you, this may be the micro speaker for you. matrixaudio.com

Roland Wilkerson