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Hang your pictures with Deco Nails and Deco Screws

If you hang a lot of framed photos or artwork, here are a couple of options from Under The Roof decorating: Deco Nails and Deco Screws, available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target.

What’s nice about the nails is that they have a specially designed head and lip that protrudes from the wall. So instead of hanging your prized photo on a skinny finishing nail, you have a more secure surface for hanging your piece. The Deco Nails come in two sizes and can be used with D-rings, keyhole hangers, picture wire and sawtooth hooks. Each will hold up to 20 pounds and features a spiral shank that increases the holding strength; a pack of 18 is $9.99.

For heavier items on drywall, there’s the thick Deco Screws. They replace the classic screw-and-anchor setup and hold up to 30 pounds. While there’s no drilling or anchor, you’ll still be left with a hole that will require a little patching and painting if you remove it. The screws also include a nice lip. They come in brass or nickel; $9.99 for a pack.

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