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Living Space: Masculine design touches will please Dad

When it comes to decorating, Dads aren’t always eager to get involved. But today’s men are more interested in home design than they may let on! In honor of Father’s Day, why not add a few design touches at home that will let him know how much you care?

Go big

If you’re thinking about creating a man cave in your home or infusing some masculine style into the house, that means upsizing. What it doesn’t mean is that you’re required to include a giant recliner. An oversized leather chair is more stylish.

Accessories are another thing most men like to see super-sized. Dainty knickknacks don’t cut it. Go for anything that looks like a tool, is related to sports, or belonged on a car or airplane and you’ll have Dad fist-pumping. A good example is Restoration Hardware’s Vintage Propeller model ($349, Restorationhardware.com). Large-scale clocks, oversized chess pieces and big throw pillows are other good choices.

If you want to make a decorating statement, take a family heirloom photo or that grainy shot of Dad in his Little League uniform and have it blown up into a poster-sized print ($157, Canvasondemand.com).

Go industrial

Men like an aged and rustic appearance in interior design, making the industrial look attractive. Take the Safeco Industrial Stool, for instance ($90, Wayfair.com). It looks as good at a drafting table as it does under the counter or in a workshop. The same goes for the Industrial Steel nesting side tables on wheels ($264, O.co). Both add that garage look and feel to your home decor.

Or go truly industrial and outfit Dad’s desk with a complete array of vintage industrial desk accessories. These old-fashioned, low-tech accessories look right at home on a man’s desk and have a more mechanical look than modern staplers and pencil sharpeners. Best of all, you can pick up all kinds of antique desk accessories in the $20-$30 range ( Etsy.com).

Go high-tech

If vintage or mechanical doesn’t do it for your dad, then go high-tech. Many men like gadgets and gizmos, especially when it comes to TV. Help Dad expand his array of viewing options by getting him an Amazon Fire TV streaming media player. He’ll be able to watch TV and play games, too. It plugs into any HDTV and comes with a remote ($99, Amazon.com).

Does Dad constantly adjust the thermostat? Give him a Nest Learning Thermostat. This smart thermostat learns the temperatures he likes when, and programs them automatically ($249, Nest.com). Or give him peace of mind with a Y-Cam home security camera that works on your home’s WiFi system ($99, Amazon.com).

No matter what you choose, making Dad feel more stylish and comfortable at home is a winner.