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Sparkle and texture are finishing touches

Homeowners love decorating their rooms. They put down hardwood floors, splurge on fabric for the chairs, buy a neutral sofa and dot it with accent pillows for contrast. Some tables, a lamp or two and a few department store tchotchkes are added to the mix. But something is missing, and they just can’t put their finger on it.

Here’s the secret: Every well-decorated room needs sparkle and texture.

The owners of this former living room described its decor style as “ho hum.” It had little light and was rarely used. My team at DeCocco Drapes in Raleigh changed that by removing the heavy wooden blinds and all the wood trim on one wall.

The drywall was replaced with cement board, and a creamy Philadelphia travertine tile was installed, creating a stacked stone wall that brings a rough, organic pattern into the space, which is now used as a library. Recessed can lights with dimmable LED bulbs were added to the ceiling. Properly lighting this wall highlights the sparkle in the stone and draws people into the room – and they always want to touch the wall.

All furnishings feature clean lines that allow the wall to be the focus. Use mirrors, metallic accents and even glass to bring shine to your room. Anything that reflects light can do it, and you don’t need a lot of it.