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Add some playful decorating touches for football season

As the days grow cooler and shorter, the sound of whistles blowing and football fans cheering is starting to fill living rooms around the country. As the gridiron season heats up, family and friends will be spending more time watching games. Now is the time to make a few decorating adjustments to make game days even more fun.

Room to cheer

The object of football-centric styling is to make sure the game takes center stage. This means turning seating for direct views of the TV. And if you plan to hosts lots of pre- or post-game parties, you’ll need plenty of seating.

Face the sofa toward the screen and angle end chairs toward the TV. Place a long sofa table or dresser behind the couch. This will provide a spot for drinks and snacks. Guests can gather behind the sofa while they make snack plates and grab drinks; going to the kitchen could mean missing an important play.

Play positions

So much about football revolves around noshing. Be sure you have a sturdy cocktail table rather than an ottoman with a tray. This will ensure that drinks stay upright. For extra seating, consider pulling in a pair of ottomans that can be stored under the sofa console when not in use.

If room size isn’t critical, why not set aside a small bedroom or unused dining room for games days? Position a pair of recliners or upholstered chairs to face the TV. Add an end table and lamp between the two, and you’ll have an additional spot for drinks and snacks. If your football enthusiasts don’t jump to their feet all that often, add a pair of ottomans to make viewing comfortable and relaxing.


To give your “screening room” an authentic feel, put spare athletic equipment to work as decorations. Place a football on a bookshelf. Add a helmet on the sofa console. Show your team pride by framing jerseys to hang around the room. A team-printed throw makes a nice touch on the most chilly game days.

Of course, nothing says football quite like a life-size wall decal of your favorite player from www.fathead.com. These easy-peel images can stay up all season long, and then you can switch them out for images of basketball players.

Don’t hesitate to bring in other football equipment or accessories. To top things, off, add some throw pillows with your favorite team logo or colors. Guest will have something to hold onto during those tense moments.