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Gmail’s Inbox organizes messages

Google isn’t giving up on Gmail, but it has a few ideas about how it could be better. And to test those out, the tech giant has launched Inbox – an email app that works with existing Gmail accounts to revamp how we view, organize and deal with email.

Inbox is still in limited testing and therefore is an invite-only service. It takes cues from several smaller email apps and has added features such as the ability to make a reminder from an email or tell your account to resend an email at a later time.

Emails are organized automatically into categories such as “Promos,” so you spend less time wading through mailing list messages. Users can adjust what goes in which folders if the algorithm errs – which it does, on occasion.

The app also pulls in some of Google’s search expertise. Reminders to make dinner reservations, for example, come with information from its search engine on what number to call and when the restaurant is open.

Using Inbox rather than Gmail simplifies your email experience. For some people that may be nice, but for those who don’t like having their messages automatically sorted, it’s best to stick with standard email apps. Inbox is free for iOS and Android devices, but users must request an invitation users by emailing inbox@google.com.

Hayley Tsukayama, Washington Post