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iXpand flash drive makes it simple to move data

SanDisk’s new iXpand flash drive is built with an iOS Lightning connection, making it simple to move data on and off the latest Apple devices.

This drive instantly expands a device’s capacity up to 64GB, giving you lots of storage for photos, movies, documents and other data.

In addition to the flexible Lightning connection, there is a standard USB port to connect with any computer, essentially making it a flash drive designed for iPhones and iPads.

Once you connect the USB end to a MAC or Windows system, you can load the content you wish to transfer to your handheld device.

The single biggest advantage for most users will be the automatic back-up of your handheld device’s photo library. The app has a setting to activate this anytime it is connected to your iPhone or iPad. Price is $60 for 16GB, $80 for 32GB and $120 for 64GB, at www.SanDisk.com.

Gregg Ellman, Twitter.com/greggellman