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Fitness watch helps you keep tabs on your vital statistics

The Wellness Watch from Wellograph is a close cousin of the Apple Watch in the fit, finish and design departments.

What the Wellograph does – health monitoring and telling time – it does well.

It’s not a smartwatch. It does sync with your phone or tablet to report on the health data it collects, but it does not have any data functionality such as reading texts, controlling music or answering phone calls like some other watches.

The Wellograph is the first watch I’ve tried that could read my heart rate continuously. A heart rate monitor is built in to the backside of the watch case. It’s a great feature – one that Apple included in its watch.

The watch syncs with a free smartphone app available for iOS, Android and Windows phones. You can sync the phone whenever it’s convenient. The watch can store four months of data. It’s waterproof down to 160 feet, and it can run seven days on a charge. $349 at wellograph.com.

Jim Rossman, Dallas Morning News