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Bitmoji app gives your messages more personality

You no longer have to settle for ho-hum, generic emojis characters for lightening up your messages, thanks to the Bitmoji app. Customize a digital avatar to look astonishingly like you – or an idealized you.

Building your Bitmoji self is a little tedious but surprisingly rewarding. You can choose from dozens of skin tones, noses, eyes, hair styles and colors, even ears, height and bra size for women. Then pick from closets of outfits and costumes.

The free Apple and Android apps go beyond conveying happiness, surprise, sadness and fury to include intangibles like your Bitmoji self wearing a Godzilla costume and kicking over a skyscraper.

The Bitmoji images are much larger than the regular emoji emoticons, really large; they are sent like photos. But the size is not wasted; they are really rich in ridiculous details.

You’ll need to approve a scary permission request to operate the app. Denying Bitmoji full access means you’ll limit its functions, but you could still access your avatar.

Debra Bass, St. Louis Post-Dispatch