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Burg 12 puts the power of a smartphone on your wrist

Reaching for your phone to answer a call is so last year, so dialing up a friend with the Burg 12 smartwatch/phone could make you feel like the coolest person around.

Created by Hermen van den Burg, world-renowned lifestyle designer to Ikea and Target, it features a 1.5-inch (240 x 240 resolution) touchscreen display used to access the calendar, contact list and calculator.

The smartwatch/phone also does audio recording, messaging (SMS and MMS), multimedia and Bluetooth (3.0) and has a built-in camera. There’s a microSD storage slot and you can upgrade the gadget’s 4GB card up to 16GB.

You do have to get familiar with what button does what, so that means you’ll have to do one of the things I hate most – read the directions. But fortunately it’s a quick starter guide and only takes a few minutes. $199, with a black or purple strap. http://burgsmartwatch.com.

Gregg Ellman, Twitter.com/greggellman