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Metallic dazzles for home decor

Metallic finishes can add an instant touch of color, as well as elegance and glam, to any decor.

If you have glanced at any fashion magazines lately, then you know metallic is hot right now. Designers are using metallic in clothing, shoes and jewelry. The trend toward the use of metallic finishes has now also translated into home decor.

Used properly, metallic finishes can add both interest and elegance to a space. Be sure not to overdo it by mixing too many finishes. A good rule of thumb is to use one or two metallic finishes in a space, putting them in three to five key areas.

Gold, nickel, bronze

It’s a common misconception that you should only incorporate metallic through the use of a finish as opposed to a sculptural piece, artwork or fabric. Remember, metallic-based tones can be used just as successfully in creating a setting and will pair beautifully with metallic finishes. For example, pairing yellow with metallic gold or gray with chrome or nickel will help to extend the use of metallic tones.

Metallic is also the perfect foundation for those looking to begin their color story with a neutral palette. Bronze, gold, copper, chrome and nickel are fantastic neutrals that can be paired with so many different colors. Bronze, for example, pairs well with orange and warm tones. Chrome is a cool metallic and pairs well with yellow and blue. Add Nickel has bit of warmth and looks elegant with brown. Gold is the “it” finish today and looks great with nearly everything, especially contrasting cool colors such as gray and blue.