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Pour your heart out anonymously with SoulGap app

Sometimes it’s sneaky or maybe romantic, but you can use the “SoulGap” social app to send anonymous (and viral) messages to friends, admirers or ... others.

This app was built to uncover what people you’re connected with really think about you, via anonymous confessions. Sounds interesting, right?

Download the app and start sending questions, confessions and information anonymously to any contact in your phone. If the receiver has the app downloaded, they can view the anonymous message instantly. Otherwise, they will receive an email with the anonymous message that they can then answer.

A common use of the app would be to post a question on Facebook and ask people to SoulGap them, then wait for the anonymous feedback to roll in. But if a user does not want an anonymous confession or feedback, they can block the user from messaging them in the future. SoulGap is free and cross-platform with iOS and Android devices. www.soulgap.me.