I'm So Clever

Wet paper towels are perfect for tiny glass shards

The winner: When glass breaks, reach first for wet paper towels. These can pick up most of the tiny slivers and flecks of glass the size of pinheads. Wear rubber gloves. If the room is dark, a flashlight reveals the shiny objects of your search – even in carpet and upholstery. Last, use a handheld vacuum cleaner around baseboards and furniture and a push model for the rest of the floor. It is worth all this to avoid injury. This strategy worked when a light bulb exploded, scattering glass high and low over a large area. Ruth Slesinger, Charlotte

A canned-do idea

When I find a canned food item with a date close to expiration, I turn it upside down. Then I know at a glance to use it first. Kathy M. Bumgardner, Denver

Nifty fridge magnet tip

Turn any piece of paper into a removable/replaceable “magnet” by putting a magnet on the fridge and then using a metal paper clip to keep the paper in place on top of the magnet. E. Willa Bradford, Charlotte