I'm So Clever

Powdered drink containers make great mini canisters

The winner: I like to recycle whenever I can. When my husband started his health kick, I wanted to keep the counter tidy. Every morning, he makes a kale, fruit, almond, flax seed shake in his NutriBullet. Instead of having large packages of ingredients sitting out on the counter, I am reusing my Crystal Light containers as mini canisters. The bulk packages of nuts and flax seeds stay in the pantry. I just refill the mini canisters weekly and the counter stays nice and neat! Leslie Smith, Charlotte

Try red tape for luggage handles

We have been on many trips where a lot of the luggage looks alike. We put bright red tape around the handles and it is easy to see ours in a room full of luggage and also on the turnstile at the airport. Cyndie Ferrell, Stanley