I'm So Clever

Simple trick keeps soap dispenser from tipping over


The winner: I put decorative stones in the bottom of refillable soap dispensers to keep them from toppling over when near empty.

Julie St. Clair, Charlotte

Organizer holds grocery bags in trunk

I use an inexpensive closet organizer in the back of my SUV to put grocery bags in so they won’t fall over or slide around. Sometimes I can get two bags in one pocket. When not in use, it easily folds up out of the way.

Harold Massey, Matthews

A little thread ends sock fights

Two or more people living in the same house have exactly the same socks. How do you sort the laundry? I take a piece of embroidery thread and make a couple of small loops at the top, inside where no one can see. That way there is no fuss over whose socks are whose. Susan Spencer, Vale