I'm So Clever

Old chair makes great garden trellis

The winner: I enjoy finding a new use for an item that is old and broken. I take old straight-back chairs and remove the seat and front legs. This leaves just the back and the two back legs. Next I paint it and it is ready to use as a garden trellis. Sometimes all four legs are too rotten to hold plants, and then I only use the back, as illustrated in the yellow chair. Marjorie Hrozencik, Vilas

When it comes to sewing, use your head

An oldie but very goodie: Run your pins and needles through your hair several times, and the oil in your hair will make piercing the material much easier! This tip is so helpful if you are pinning or mending something and your pin or needle doesn’t want to go easily through the fabric or paper. Kathryn Hamrick, Shelby