I'm So Clever

Pasta bowl makes a great birdbath

The winner: It’s been so hot, the birds in Matthews need water. I was clever enough to use one of my pasta bowls as a birdbath. I used an outdoor mosaic table, flipped it upside down as a base and put the bowl on top.

Connie Massetti, Matthews

New use for exfoliating gloves

I have found the exfoliating gloves for bathing are too rough to use on your skin but perfect for scrubbing pots and pans and also really great for scrubbing the shower stall. I keep a glove in the kitchen and one in each bathroom also.

Alice Harwell, Statesville

Coffee grounds repel mosquitoes

A clever idea that really kills mosquito larvae: Mix about 2 cups of old coffee grounds with 2 cups water and stir. Put into a large plastic coffee container, sit out about 7 feet away from where you want to reduce mosquito breeding and repel them, including outside pet bowls, and stir periodically. Make sure all other sources of mosquito breeding places have been eliminated first. The older the mixture gets, the better it works.

Allana D’Andrea, Mooresville

Clever note: We saw several online mentions that suggest this may indeed work.

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