I'm So Clever

Essential oil makes vacuum smell better

The winner: If you are tired of the odors coming from your vacuum cleaner bag (especially if you have pets), in between changing bags, simply put a few drops of essential oil of your choice on a cotton ball and toss the cotton ball in the vacuum cleaner bag. Now when you turn on your vacuum cleaner you’ll smell the essential oil not unwanted odors.

Amy Kozlowski, Charlotte

Help keep spackle moist

To help keep spackle fresh and moist put a piece of plastic wrap on top of the compound, being careful to remove all the air under the plastic, before putting the lid back on.

Jon Neumeyer

About those fitted sheets ...

So ... I’m about the last guy to ever discuss (or ever think about) the best way store sheets and pillowcases. But when local public relations guru Kathy Rowan posted on my Facebook that storing sheets inside the matching pillow case makes for a neat and tidy package, I was stunned to see about 10 people reply. The discussion veered off in the best way to fold/manage/roll/wad up the fitted sheet. Thoughts? Send ’em in.

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