I'm So Clever

Easy move protects our extension cords

The winner: If you use electric yard tools, you can prevent stress on your drop cord by anchoring it to the house. This also prevents you from accidentally yanking the plug from the socket while you’re working. I screwed an eye bolt into the wall and attached the cord with a carabiner. You can also place your anchors at strategic spots to avoid chafing at corners.

Bill Barnes, Charlotte

( Note: Clever checked with John White of White Electric in Charlotte and he said it presented no safety or code violations.)

Sticky note makes a great placeholder in a book

When reading, I like to keep a sticky note or two handy to mark the line if I have to stop and resume later.

Naomi Osborne, Morganton

Use a wine tote bag to store hats, scarves and gloves

After washing all the cold-weather accessories at the end of the season, I put each child’s gloves, hats, scarves, and boot socks into a reusable wine tote and store in our entry closet. When it turns cold again, they each have a basket under the entry bench to store all of it so they can just grab what they need.

Stacey Devine, Charlotte

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