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The winner: My favorite old broach had tarnished, but I wasn't ready to toss it. So I decided to put a fresh coat of nail polish on it, just to see what it would look like. I chose an amber. To my surprise, it looked new. It gave it a copper patina, which I loved.

Judy Hanson, Lake Wylie, S.C.

Great product mascara removal

Q. As much as I try to remove mascara at the end of the day, I never seem to get it all. What do you recommend?

A. You pay $8 or more for the mascara remover, persuaded by the packaging that it’s finally the answer. And it never is. I came across an unexpected solution. Try Olay’s 4-in-1 daily facial cloths for sensitive skin (33 for $9.99). They’re marketed as face cloths that are cleaner/toner/mask/scrub in one. But when I used them to remove makeup, I was surprised to find they do an outstanding job on mascara too. They’re not oily and didn’t irritate. Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune

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