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You won’t believe how Walmart prices spices

The winner: Many spices in the “International” or “Hispanic” sections of some grocery stores are considerably lower than the same spices sold in the cooking/baking aisle. Not all spices are represented in the international sections, but those that are generally offer a sizable savings.

Ginny Perez, Charlotte

Note: Clever made a spot check at the Walmart in Belmont and confirmed this. For instance, a 2-ounce container of cumin was $1.15 in the Hispanic section, and $2.58 in the spice aisle. Garlic salt, paprika and several others spices were considerably cheaper as well. Shoppers at other chains should check for themselves.

Keep meds list on smartphone

My mother has numerous doctors and a variety of medications. To keep up with them for those times we are asked what meds she takes, I’ve put the labels on a sheet of paper and scanned them into my phone. Now when asked, I can simply pull it up and print out a list of any changes. I’ve also done it with medical histories.

Mikki Burgess, Charlotte

Use drink mix containers to hold sunglasses

Empty plastic containers from soft-drink mixes make wonderful crush-proof holders for bulky sunglasses. They work great inside a purse, in the cup holder in a car, or in the water bottle slot of a backpack. Easy access to sunglasses and no lid needed.

Peggy Maiorano, Cornelius

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