I'm So Clever

Nifty move converts bathtub to vanity

The winner: We are seniors living alone with two bathrooms. One has a walk-in shower which we use exclusively. We needed storage space in the other and I suggested the idea of installing a vanity over the unused bathtub. We bought a door the same width as the bathtub and cut the length to fit and four legs to the desired height and – voila. We bought some cloth at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia to cover the door and drape over the tub. I now have a very nice vanity where I keep a basket of towels, candles, etc. Everything can be easily removed if we need the bathtub again. Anne Warlick, Cherryville

New use for paper clip

A large paper clip works wonders for hanging hummingbird feeders from tree limbs. Easy to remove and clean and replace.

Sonia Cohen, Matthews

Pesto, chango!

Simple soup trick

I love the basil tomato soup served at Panera. I buy a can of basic tomato soup, add one can of milk and then add my basil pesto (about a teaspoon) to each serving. The bonus is that my husband likes basic tomato soup so I divide the can and add the basil pesto to my portion.

Sylvia Scoble, Newland

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