I'm So Clever

Allergies or cold? Observer bags come in handy

The winner: Here's another use for Charlotte Observer plastic bags. Students with allergies/colds often bring their own tissues, but then have to figure out what to do with the used ones. Options include leaving them on the desk or dropping them on the floor. Or getting up frequently to visit the trash can. Instead, I make individual trash bags from Observer bags. I stuff them in a long tissue box on the table by the door for students to grab as they enter. They can throw out the whole thing or carry it to their next class. Germs and mess contained. Happy New Year to all teachers! Mary Wiseman, Charlotte

Bike bottle works on mower

I’ve mounted a bicycle water bottle and holder to my lawn mower handle. The bottle is there for whenever one wants a cool drink when mowing the lawn on a hot day. It is easily attached with two sheet metal screws and holds all standard and insulated bicycle water bottles.

Tom Chervenak, Stanley

New use for shower curtain

I keep a heavy white polyester shower curtain in my car trunk. It serves as a tarp when I bring nursery plants home, a tuck-in seat protector for a dirty dog, a floor mat for muddy shoes, a white flag for roadside emergencies, even a makeshift rain poncho! It’s very easy to pop into the washing machine and air-dries in minutes. Ann Richardson, Fort Mill

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