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WD-40 works great on sticker residue

The winner: When I peeled the labels off the front of my new stainless steel dishwasher, they left a residue. I tried the recommended alcohol-water combo to no avail. Windex and Goo-Gone didn’t work either. In desperation, I grabbed a paper towel soaked with WD-40 from another project. The marks came right off, and the finish is still perfect. Test an inconspicuous spot first – as I should have. Finishes vary. Carol Cason, Charlotte

Note: The Observer checked in with Electrolux, North America, headquartered in Charlotte. Here’s what a spokeswoman had to say:

“We agree that WD-40 works well to remove adhesives. We recommend consumers doing the following: Spray a small amount of WD-40 onto a non-abrasive cloth. Rub the sprayed cloth on the sticker until it is soaked with WD-40. Allow the adhesive to break down and then wipe in the same direction as the ‘grain’ of the stainless steel. Repeat as needed. Wipe away any remaining WD-40 with a second non-abrasive cloth.”

Cool trick saves on salsa

With only the two of us, I had a problem with my large jars of salsa spoiling before I could use it all. I solved that problem by pouring the salsa into an ice cube tray and freezing it into cubes. I take a few salsa cubes out of the freezer as needed, thaw, and serve. Mary Chervenak, Stanley

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