I'm So Clever

Coffee box liner makes cool ice pack

The winner: I have a great recycling tip. At work, we often get coffee in boxes for meetings. Rather than trashing the container, I use the inside liner as an ice pack. When it’s empty, I take out the silver liner and fill it 3/4 full of water and freeze. The screw-on cap makes it easy to fill and seals water tightly. These are excellent ice packs for coolers. They’re nice and long, hold up for a long time and can be used over and over again.

Holly Stark, Charlotte

Hang seasonal flags for easy storage

I’ve accrued a large number of seasonal flags. Folding and storing them in seasonal plastic bins created extra work for me. I would need to sort through decorations to find them and then iron them. Now I just clip the flags onto skirt hangers and hang them in a closet. I no longer have to iron my flags and it’s super easy to change them out with each season!

Kyra Schneider, Charlotte

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