I'm So Clever

Texting helps hubby survive the makeup aisle

The winner: My husband is very uncomfortable wandering the drugstore makeup shelves when I ask him to pick something up for me. And when I explain in detail what I need him to get, he glazes over. The “I’m So Clever” solution was to text him a photo of the item. He simply showed the picture to the sales clerk and he was out of the “dreaded aisle” in seconds. The sales lady commented that she wished more women used this method of communicating with shopping husbands. To quote her: “It sure would make my job a lot easier!” Joyce Shields, Charlotte

Bright idea for keeping track of yard tools

After losing several limb saws, loppers and pruners in the brush around my yard, I started tying a bright neon “tail” of surveyor’s ribbon on them. I haven't lost a tool since.

Ann Richardson, Fort Mill, S.C.

Clever note: Orange spray paint is another option.

Packing tape is for the birds...seed

Clear, heavy, packing tape around the bottom perimeter of a bird cage keeps a lot more seed hulls in the cage and, more importantly, off the floor. Virginia Klinkman, Charlotte

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