I'm So Clever

Newspapers make fireplace kindling

The winner: After reading our Charlotte Observer, I use some of it to make starter kindling for our wood-burning stove. Roll about 4 pages into a tight roll and insert into an empty paper towel roller. A bathroom tissue roller can also be used. They burn slowly because of the tightly rolled paper.

Jane Ballentine, Lancaster

Safety pin to the rescue

Recently my husband and I were waiting for a flight at the airport. Without warning, a lens fell from his glasses. Upon examination, we realized the screw was missing. After looking around the area, we knew the effort was futile. So we began to think of alternatives and I remembered I had a safety pin in my purse. It worked great as he was able to insert the pin through the screw hole and bend the pin to tighten. The look may not have been high-fashion but it certainly worked until we could get home and glean a part from an old pair of glasses. Teresa Hartis, Matthews

Clever note: In a pinch, a piece of wire stripped from a bread-bag twist-tie also works.

Mark chargers for easy ID

Have you ever found a charging cord and adapter and wondered which device it fits, or if you even still have the device? Whenever I purchase a new device, I put a piece of masking tape on the adapter and write the device name on it with a permanent marker. Saves confusion and allows me to also discard charging cords no longer needed. Walt Bovard, Blowing Rock

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