I'm So Clever

Christmas tree trunk decorations make a great tradition

The winner: Every year after we bring our Christmas tree home, we saw off a 1-inch or so piece from the bottom of the trunk and set it aside to dry. After Christmas, we drill a small hole on the top and then sand it down and paint a picture on it of the most memorable event of that year. We have accumulated 37 ornaments so far, each bringing us joy of memories in years gone by. Of course, making a separate one every year for each child you have makes it even more special! Arlene Tencza, Waxhaw

Coded wrapping keeps you organized

I purchase a different color wrapping paper for each of my children and wrap them accordingly. Now, at a glance, Santa knows which package goes to which child. It takes out the guesswork and makes it a lot easier and faster on such a busy night. Ho! Ho! Ho! Kathy M. Bumgardner, Denver

Sliders work wonders on the tree

When decorating your tree, simply put the stand on furniture sliders. Keep the tree out in the open so you can get around all the sides. When finished, just easily slide your tree where you want it. You can keep it on the sliders until the holiday is over, then slide it back out.

Phillip D’Angelo, Charlotte

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