I'm So Clever

Simple hooks tame jewelry tangles

The winner: Unhappy with the retail jewelry storage available, I made my own using 3M Command hooks, applied to the side of a closet shelf. Now all my long necklaces are kept tidy, tangle-free and hidden away.

Mary Reynolds, Conover

Cup raccoon-proofs feeder

Our squirrel-proof bird feeder is squirrel-proof, but not raccoon proof! During the night, those rascals shake the rod to make the seed fall through a center hole to the ground for a midnight buffet. Using a snug-fitting plastic container, my clever husband, John White, constructed a removable cup as a seed catcher. Each morning we simply pour the seeds back into the bird feeder. Emily Huling, Terrell

More on hard water stains

I have tried vinegar to dissolve lime scale and it does not work. I have had great luck with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner with lime and rust remover, in the black bottle. It contains 9.5 percent hydrochloric acid. It still needs to soak a little while to work – an hour or so. Peter Angevine, Charlotte

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