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Cornelius resident inspires others

Presbyterian Cancer Center gives patients many reasons to be inspired withits third annual calendar that allows 12 cancer survivors to tell theirstories. While the calendars are free to those impacted by cancer, donationsare appreciated to aid Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center. Visit the center at242 Colonial Ave. in Charlotte or call 704-384-5223 for more information.Meet Steve Methot, a Cornelius resident whose positive attitude has helpedhim conquer stage IV tonsil cancer:

What does being part of this calendar mean to you?It’s an honor. To me, it means that something positive is being said aboutcancer. Everything we see on the media, all the people we read about andhear about, is all about decline. We don’t publish enough for the people whoare surviving. That shows hope rather than despair, and there should be moreof that.

What are some of the things you enjoy today?I’m 63 years old, and I’m a person who never wants to say “Boy, I wish I haddone this or done that.” I took flying lessons back in the 70s, and thissummer I took a flight. I enjoy riding my motorcycle. I don’t want to haveany regrets.

What have you learned from this journey?For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m living instead of dying.Only God knows what will happen, but I’m cool with that. I’ve experienced amiracle. Until you’ve had one for yourself, you can’t even imagine. Theygave me 90 days, told me that my cancer was incurable. I’m a spiritualperson, and this experience, seeing how the Lord works, has removed alldoubt and given me an unbelievable sense of peace.

What can we do to help people fighting their own battles?Be a friend. Show them that you care. Be positive with them. There arethings you can do, like driving them to treatments. I couldn’t drive for ayear. There are organizations that coordinate this, and there are fantasticpeople [like those at the Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center] who really careand make you feel special. I thank God for them.