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Secure the Perimeter

From left: Albert and Beverly Aymar and daughter Sydney, 13.
From left: Albert and Beverly Aymar and daughter Sydney, 13. Gayle Shomer

With a father who is into hunting and a grandfather who was a World War II veteran, it seems only natural that Al Aymer would open Secure the Perimeter. The Mooresville store sells military surplus, hunting and camping gear and tactical equipment, as well as emergency responder supplies for police and fire departments. On trying something new: Al, along with his wife, Beverly, and daughter, Sydney, moved to Mooresville from New Jersey in 2006, drawn by the area’s sunny weather and laid-back lifestyle. For most of his career Al, 42, has worked as a heating and air conditioning technician, something he continued to do after relocating. The work is hot and physically demanding, and Beverly says she started urging her husband to think about trying something different. “Sometimes the only way to make it in this world is to take a chance,” says Beverly, 42.On taking a leap of faith: That chance turned out to be Secure the Perimeter, which Al and Beverly opened in April. For the time being Al continues to work in the heating and air conditioning business, and helps out Beverly at the store on nights and weekends. The new store represents a big career change for Beverly, who for 12 years sold Mary Kay Cosmetics. “I’ve gone from a very girly-girl business to selling military and camping gear to mostly men,” she says. On filling a void: Al, who’s collected military surplus and tactical gear since he was a kid, says Secure the Perimeter represents a unique business niche in the Lake Norman area. He gets young soldiers coming home from war zones looking for modern tactical gear, as well as Vietnam and World War II veterans interested in purchasing collectibles and patches from the companies in which they served. “We can also special order hard-to-find items,” says Al. “Our inventory is constantly changing depending on what our customers are asking for.” Secure the Perimeter: Tall Oaks Plaza, 798 Oakridge Farm Highway, Mooresville. 704-660-0662;