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Kyle Busch: Foundation for winning

Busch with children at the Carrie Steele-Pitts Home in Atlanta.
Busch with children at the Carrie Steele-Pitts Home in Atlanta. Courtesy of Kyle Busch Foundation

Kyle Busch made history as the youngest winner ever in NASCAR’s Cup racing shortly after he turned 20, and at 26, he’s still making headlines. His lavish New Year’s Eve wedding to model Samantha Sarcinella became an hour-long special on the Style Network; a recent conviction for speeding 128 mph in a 45 mph zone in Iredell County was well-publicized.Off the track where he has seen much success, Busch is devoted to the Mooresville-based Kyle Busch Foundation. It has targeted several children’s home charities throughout the country, serving kids ages 5 to 18, to benefit with fundraising efforts. Busch recently agreed to answer some written questions from Lake Norman Magazine about the foundation – and a few other fun topics.

Q. What were your goals in setting up the Kyle Busch Foundation?

Sometimes the kids arrive at these homes with only the clothes on their back, so I wanted to raise money to be able to provide them with things to allow kids to be kids. (Race team sponsor) Mars and I worked together to provide one home a playground and another a gym. Other times the foundation has provided the kids fun Christmas gifts and television with gaming consoles for the whole home to enjoy.

Q. How do you choose the charities that are the beneficiaries of the foundation?

Most of the homes are located around race tracks, so that we can bring the kids to the track to enjoy a race.

Q: When you visit the homes, what is your primary message when you speak to the children?

I love being able to visit the kids. I really do not preach a message to them. I just hold an open Q&A and answer any questions that come to their minds. Some are about racing, but others are mostly fun, lighthearted questions that kids care about – what is my favorite food, movie, etc. I really enjoy getting to hang with the kids!

Q. How can readers get involved in the foundation’s work if they want to help?

If readers would like to help the foundation, they can participate in Lexie’s Challenge. A young fan of mine and her mom started a cool thing this year, where every time I win, they buy a gift card for the homes. They challenge other fans to do the same so that around Christmas we can use the gift cards to buy the kids presents or give them to the homes to use for necessities. (See more about 13-year-old Lexie at

Q. Switching gears to racing: What can your fans expect from you and your team this fall?

My team has been really consistent this year with great pit stops and car set-ups. I am really proud of my guys, and we hope to continue our strong season.

Q. How have you enjoyed life as a newlywed?

Married life is great! Samantha and I are really enjoying time with one another in our hectic schedule. We took a few days off this summer and spent a romantic week in Charleston, S.C. It is so great to always have someone by my side through the highs and the lows and with all the traveling that we do. (Find the story behind Busch’s wedding – and the bride’s spectacular dress from Dubai – at

Kyle Busch: More fast facts

Busch answered a few more of Lake Norman Magazine’s just-for-fun questions:

Top songs on his iPod: “Anything rock.”Favorite recent movie: “‘The Hangover 2;’ I love a good comedy.”Favorite TV shows: “‘Dexter’ and ‘Criminal Minds.’”

Kyle Busch Foundation

See more information at Children’s homes the foundation supports include:

St. John’s Home, Grand Rapids, Michigan.Church of God Children’s Home, Concord (see a profile of the home from the April issue at Steele-Pitts Home, Atlanta.Boys Town of Nevada, Las Vegas.Sunshine Acres Children’s Home, Mesa, Arizona.

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